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We are now offering 24 hour internet purchases with a shopping cart, we will be able to in most cases have the items dropped shipped directly to you.                                                                                                 

As we continue to grow we still bring on new distributor's. We welcome Wellco / Smith & Wesson footwear, 5.11 Tatical, HWI Gear INC, & FURY Tactical (Knives) and now Safariland.                                                    

I stated that when I opened this company was; "I would bring in only the BEST Quality products for you." You the fine men and women who sacrafice themselves when you put on that uniform of the community you work in or The United States of America Military Branch you Serve".

If the product fails, then I FAIL! So, the product must be the best or I will not carry it.

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Other News

Membership Discount Card

 We offer Membership Discount Cards for $30.00 year for year around discounts are coming soon so start registering and let Guns N More, LLC be your one stop shop.                                                                          

Mag Sales for Armalites and for Century International Arms

Available are Magazines for these firearms thru the internet, you can contact us for details. Guns N More, LLC will service all your needs, but responsibility belongs to all of us who care. 

The Second Amendment Rights belong to us the Law Abiding Citizens who take responsibility to protect it from those who want to abuse it and hurt otheres for the wrong reason.                                                           

Guns N More, LLC

Ammunition Sales

Ammunition is not available online call Guns N More for details.

Our distributors send out sales on ammunition for specific brands, such as Winchester. Don't be left out if you buy in bulk, there is times that the discounts can be as much as $7.00 a box of 50rds of 40 caliber minimumorder $400.

Firearm Sales/ Armalites

Firearms are not available online call Guns N More for details.

Currently Rock River Arms is having a sale on 5.56mm (.223) and .308. Also, we sell CMMG, Century International Arms, DPMS, Bushmaster, Colt, and more.